Trouble with maintenance renewals

I’m having a hard time getting my head around the ‘license to use’ vs. ‘license for updates’ model, as it seems to apply to some modules (Fax and EPM Pro) and not others (SysAdmin Pro).

Today we purchased maintenance renewals for several deployments for Fax Pro and EPM Pro. I’ve now updated the activation on two of them. The activation page shows both modules have active maintenance now, on both deployments.

However, on one the modules are out of date but don’t show available updates in Module Admin.

( is current, not 15.0.51)

On the other, the modules show as having expired maintenance in Module Admin, even though SysAdmin shows them with active maintenance.

Give it 24 hours and check again…

I have a ticket open with Sangoma and this issue has been brought up in forums several times. It seems like there is “something” between the licensing and the mirror servers that only updates once a day.

It is super annoying that when you have a maintenance window of a couple of hours and you can’t even do maintenance… By now we know that we have to check a day before if all modules have a valid license.

Supposedly, once you renewed the license, fwconsole ma downloadinstall <module> should work. But it doesn’t. At least, it didn’t work for me the last few times.


If you want, join The #OpenSourceLounge tomorrow and let’s discuss it there.

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We did that a month or so ago, and then checked a day after that, and ended up waiting a week before opening a ticket. Sangoma had to kick something on their side to get the update/licensing to actually work.

If you ping me or the sales team we can bypass the waiting period. When renewing commercial modules it does not take effect until midnight when the mirror servers sync. The sales team or support team can update that manually and then you need to update from SSH with fwconsole sa u

Thank you.

I’d like to request that the dialog when purchasing get changed, as it states that the licenses have been applied to the deployment. It should say to check back the next day instead.

That is good feedback, we should be able to change this message on renewals. When you buy a new module it is immediate, only the renewals take an intervention or waiting until after midnight.

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