Transfer and call in queue

i’m using freepbx version 12 with all patch and asterisk 13.6.0. I have an issue with transfert and call in queue. users take call from the queue and do a blind transfert to an extension. for some reason the origine extension that took the call is no longer available until the call is finished on the target extension.

if you think that do not make sense i agree.


Hi All,

Sorry for re-opening a very old thread but I thought of continuing here rather than create a new thread.

I too have come across this issue and it seems to be a bug in Asterisk itself. There’s a patch already done for this and would like to know when this would be available to Distro Users.

Asterisk Bug report:



The fix was committed to Asterisk 13, 14 and Asterisk’s master branch…

If you are a FreePBX 13 or 14 distro user I expect it should be available shortly (it was only recently committed on Asterisk’s side and hasn’t made it’s way in the distro yet…).

Good luck and have a nice day!