TLS for every extension

Hello, it is nice to be here.
I recently installed the latest FreePBX image, to create an internal softphone-based communication system within my office. I use CsipSimple for Android and pjsip extensions on Asterisk by using the FreePBX UI, without any problems. Calls are made and everything work as should be.

The problem is that i can’t find a way to actually encrypt my communication by using password protected certificates, even after days of researching. The last thing i did, was to follow this link’s instructions [ XXXX:// ] , but when i fired up Cain&Abel to pentest my own environment, the conversations could still be recorded.

Please, do you guys could help me to achieve certification encryption to make sure my wifi guests can’t hear my office’s talkings…?

Thank you for your time.

There is the wiki page here:

Hello, thank you for the reply.
I also followed that wiki but i ended up getting “[2016-05-28 18:48:45] ERROR[8500] res_pjsip.c: Unable to retrieve PJSIP transport ‘’ for endpoint ‘3’”.

I am probably missing something but can’t figure out what…

Is there any chance, that anyone in here could show me the TLS implementation from scratch via TeamViewer or something? Sorry for asking, i hope i don’t violate any rules.

Have you considered AP Isolation? Definitely would be a lot simpler and many wifi routers have it.

Are your Wifi guests using your internal office Wifi? If so, that’s more of a risk than just SIP calls.