Tips for getting missed calls report from FreePBX

Hi to everyone, this is my first post :slightly_smiling_face:

I need some help from you guys. We run a small call center for our website and I just implemented FreePBX. The company that setup the system couldn’t assist me with this issue, so I turn to you guys.

My problem is that I have a queue of four agents, and if I get a CDR report with the NO ANSWER filter I get all the calls that weren’t answered, including the three extensions that didn’t pickup the call every time the phone rings. This creates and issue that makes me really look for all the possible scenarios and we end up calling many people that we had already spoken to.

What is the solution for this problem? There must be a smarter way to get better and more accurate report of the truly missed calls, not all the ones that had NO ANSWER as a status?

Thank you in advance!

This tells us that you do not have a Queue. You have a ring group. If the calls were in a queue, the call would not be presented to another phone unless the phone is was first presented to did not answer.

That makes no sense. Of course a queue can call all agents at the same time. Ring all stragegy does just that.

CDRs will show you all legs of the call so you will see missed calls to each agent even if another agent answered.

What the OP needs is a queue reporting pacakge such as Q-Xact which is a commercial module which will let you have reports and one of those reports is callers who were never answered.

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You are correct, but why treat a queue like a ring group? Just use a ring group then.

So yes, I made an assumption. But an assumption based on the point of a queue. To send calls to the next person available not to everyone. Even if you can do it that way.

CDR has always been a problem with Asterisk CEL is better but the filtering on either is complicated, the gui does a pretty damn good job,

You could construct an sql query that asked for all calls ordered by uniqueid where result equals no-answer summed on result where sum result equals 4 ( in your case) or something like that, that should isolate unanswered calls ,

Any sql gurus please tune that.

(Being able to add a custom query/filter to the GUI cdr would be very nice to enable that)

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Sorry to say, Queue’s are not just for ring strategy.
Some people use it for Ring Time, IVR Breakout, Skip Busy, Join Announcement, Agent Announcement, and for the many more features a queue offers.

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