Time to make a difference and help the FreePBX boys out again

Well I just wanted to give a big thanks to Phillipe and company for a great job well done with FreePBX. It is nice to see a true open source project stick to its core and listen to the users. I was in Seattle last week and the FreePBX guys actually took an afternoon off from there busy day and let me take them to lunch. It was good getting to know them and there vision for the future. So once again thanks for all you have done.

Now a few months ago I tried this on the Trixbox Forum’s without much success so lets see if we can do a better job here. I am going to try and raise some money for these guys so they can continue there hard work. The only difference is I will ask Phillipe that all money raised for this be used to help fund your KILLER Endpoint Manager that we talked about. I think this is the key element missing in FreePBX that Trixbox has but please build it so it works unlike the Trixbox Endpoint Manager. Sorry that was a cheap shot. Oh well.

So how this works is I will match $ for $ up to $1500.00 on any donation that everyone else makes. Phillipe can chirp in here and comment that last time I did hold up my end of the bargain.and gave everything I said I would. So lets go and have some fun here. When you post what you are donating in this thread please comment about what you feel makes this the best DAMN phone system in the world.

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Great idea!
I put $50 in a couple of days ago.

I found there isn’t an obvious ‘donate’ link on this new site yet.

If you go to the Store tab, the Donate option is in the Support block.
Direct link: http://www.freepbx.org/store/support/donate-to-freepbx

FreePBX is simply a damn good piece of software.
I used to run an Asterisk system with manually-created config files, and I remember spending hours trying to do what should have been relatively minor mods.
Using freepbx I can do in seconds or minutes what used to take hours or days.

I did you a $ 50.00


I just donated $ 50.00. Keep up the good work.

Phillipe Could you please make this a sticky for me so it show up at the top of the screen. I really appreciated all your hard work and hope everyone gets a chance to read this and help support this great cause. Also is there a way to make it show up in some of the other topic sections so it does not get missed. I am hoping that we get to the total of $1500.00 sooner than later so I can make a nice donation to you. Also could you keep us up to date as to the actual receiving of the donations that people have pledge.

my company use freepbx. i don’t know if my boss would like the idea of donate. but we could buy some service at the store. will that help?

I can’t really answer for schmoozecom as this is his campaign which we are simply the innocent and appreciative recipients of his efforts. However, you can clearly buy support services in the Store and let schmoozecom know that you did so because of his campaign. And if you really want to treat it as more of a donation, you can apply the support service against various outstanding bugs or general needs of the project that will both benefit you and the code base in general.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http//freepbx.org - IRC #freepbx

Sounds like a great plan to me. Money is Money and I am sure Phillipe will take it either as a donation or a support sale. The bottom line is it puts food on his table and that is the whole reason for this post. Also Thanks to all who have donated so far and I hope many more will follow.

your suggestion sounds good. i will talk to my boss and buy the service for outstnading bugs. thanks for your help!!

Great idea Schmooze. I just donated $50. Thanks for the hard work Phillipe & crew!


I just donated $100.

Also, I mentioned on Trixbox in the post that drove me here, there is a company called Cafe Press here: http://www.cafepress.com that allows you to create things like T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Keychains, and whatever - Market the Frog! Pure profit for the FreePBX team, and no cost or overhead - a win-win solution.


I have an unused OpenSRS membership for sale for $95. Pay me $95 and I will make sure FreepBX gets $95 (I will pay the paypal transfer fees etc)

For more info on what it is go to http://services.tucows.com/signup/ It is fully transferable. There are no domains or credits attached with the account currently.

Thank you

[email protected]

Thanks for the great work. I’ll give $50.00.

I just donated $100, love the software. I will try to donate something on every asterisk sale I make using freepbx.

I use freepbx in my home-office. I think it is an excellent program that saves a lot of time and the last upgrade was step forward to say the least. Thank you to everyone involved and an excellent lead.

Asterisk SVN 1.4 on 64 Bit-CentOS 4.5 server
Dell Dim E520 w/D925 dual Core

I have been meaning to donate for ages. With enough donations and direct corporate support in the way of the “real” spirit behind open source, we wouldn’t see the tragedy that is unfolding before us that is Trixbox.

Has anyone posted a link to this in some of the other websites?

What about Uncle Ward, I am sure he could put a link in? Tom King I am sure would direct ppl this way…

Just one thing, please make sure that the end point manager can use both TFTP & FTP (so it can be externally accessable) and provides support for devices to use NAT.

Sipura / linksys devices (INCLUDING SPA3K!!!) Wouldn’t it be great to configure an external trunk in freepbx & have it then auto config the SPA?
Other FreePBX boxes. (?) ie you only need to configure 3 things. The dial plan prefix, the other server’s IP & a Password.

I also donate $50.

Thanks, FreePBX


Look at the endpoint manager within Pingtel SIPXchange PBX.
I tested it about 1 year ago and you do not have to touch the phone when making a change, some how the endpoint manger reboots the phone remotely. It should have much more features by now.

Just put another $50 towards the efforts, FreePBX is too good a project to not support regularly.

My personal interest at the moment is the ‘Custom Contexts’ or ‘Dial Context’ functionality, but all work to any part of the system is appreciated.

Just paid my dues :slight_smile: $50. I’m happy that you created this project and congrats.