Time dependant routing?


Brand new on Freepbx and still trying to figure out all options :wink: I have setup my incoming did in my FreePBX and have been able to route it correctly to an extension !
Now I need to be able depending of time/day (open/closed business hours) route calls to a ringing group (business hours) or to voicemail directly (closed hours). How can I do that ? I see nothing in help and documentation about it !



Set up (a) time condition(s) ?

(e.g. I’ve two: one tells me whether it is Mon-Fri working hours, the other whether it’s Sat working hours; the first is set as destination of the Inbound Route; the second is set as the ‘inactive’/false end of the first; the active/true end of each is set to the internal extension [ring group, queue]) The ‘false’ end of the second condition is set to whatever you want to do with the call if neither condition is true. To recognize the time matching or not, you also need to define Time Groups appropriately)

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Thanks I have setup it easily and it works great :smile: