Time Condition Only Toggle Matches

Got another brain fart problem. I have an auto night mode set up for 17:00-08:00, but if the operator
is late or sick I was thinking of just setting it up to just toggle night mode on at 17:00 and not off at 8:00. they could just do a override, can this be done by setting the group start and end time the same or sill it just do a fast toggle?

Running FreePBX 13

How would the system know that the operator is late?

Adding a toggle that turns “redirected” mode on when she’s not there would be the simplest solution. Short of that, you’re probably going to end up writing some AMI/AGI code that does some sort of heuristics and figures out what’s happening.

Another possibility is to set up her phone so that it is in DND mode from 7:59 until she clears the mode. It’s another AMI/AGI thing, but would be more surgical. That way, the night mode clears correctly every day, but her phone doesn’t start ringing until she clears her DND. For that matter, she could easily add a DND step to her closing checklist and not have to mess with programming at all.

Just set a BLF button to monitor the time condition. In the event that you need to override the schedule just press the BLF and it will toggle the mode for you and at next scheduled change the automated mode kicks back in.

I have call flow *280 setup for night mode with a BLF which works and i have a time condition set up to direct calls to an IVR ,with a BLF, and that works. Our front desk admin has at times left for the day and has forgot to set night mode on our current NEC system so I thought i would see if i could set up my replacement system, Freepbx, to set night mode at 17:00 every weekday, then whoever sits at the front desk has to override it when they come in. So basically I want to set night node at 17:00 ,not toggle it.

So you want to implement the classic DayNight mode that’s already built into the system, then?

What you describe is exactly how Time Conditions in FreePBX work - you don’t need anything special or to set up a special call flow for it. At the start time, they turn on. At the stop time, they turn off. The only way it could be easier for you is if it wrote the rules by reading your mind.

In other words “Yeah - that’s easy.”

yep, i have the night mode working which requires someone to press the button, that was simple to get working, same with the time condition for automatic night mode that i was testing out. This system is way easier that the NEC 8000 we are currently using, requires a PHD to figure it out. at the moment I am just trying to figure out how to automate the process that sometimes gets overlooked.

Use a time condition (that makes the automatic part work) and use an automated DND for the “operators” phone so that she/he has to clear it in the morning when they come in.

This gives you the ‘gross’ granularity of Day-Night mode (with the appropriate “We are closed right now.” message) and then the fine granularity of a DND the operator can press when they are running late or away from their desk for a while.

The only thing tricky is automatically turning on the DND, and you can do that anytime after (say) midnight. There are lots of ways of doing that, including simple stuff like writing a cronjob that clicks into the Asterisk Database (using an AMI/AGI script) and turns the DND on.