Time Condition Not Working

I have set up a Time Group and it appears to be functioning correctly. I have set up a BLF and it is changing colors correctly based on the times I have set up (a normal Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM business hours setup).

I have set up a Time Condition using this group with the condition that if the times/days match, ring a call group that rings two extensions and two cell phones. I know the ring group is working correctly. When the condition does not match I have selected for the call to go straight to the voicemail of one of the extensions.

The problem is that when my DID is called, it always rings the call group and seems to be ignoring the Time Condition. What might be going wrong?

So I am also chasing this right now on the last 3 installs I have done (all in the past 2 weeks). Did you happen to create the Time Group or Time Condition while in another module as an “add something”. Because this is what I am doing and I need to Delete the Time Group and Time Condition. Create a New Time Group from the module and create a new Time Condition then apply the group to it, then apply it to the inbound route.

Once way to sort of confirm your seeing the same issue is go to the Time Group/Condition (cant remember which) and look at the "applied to at the top left, is it applied to your outbound route by any chance? My were and shouldn’t have been. If you go to the outbound route you can see there is no Time Condition applied to it even though the time condition/group says that it is being applied to it.

After I deleted and recreated the Time Groups/Conditions worked correctly and it no longer said it was applied to my outbound route.

I follow everything up until you say “apply it to the inbound route”.

I have my Time Group and have my Time Condition using that Time Group. I don’t see anything about it being applied to an Outbound Route. I do see in my Time Group page that the group is assigned to the Tim Condition.

Where/How do I assign these to an Inbound Route? I see that is an option to set my Time Condition match to an Inbound Route. I currently have it set up so the match calls the Ring Group my normal Inbound Route calls. Could this be the problem?

Okay if the TG is saying its being applied to the TC, then check the TC and see what it says its being applied to.

Also if you go to Outbound Routes there is one setting that says Conditional I believe and you select a Time Condition/Group to go there. It should say Permanent (even with the “bug” it says permanent, but if you check the TC it says its applied there.)

Again this is all based on my experience and my only fix was to delete both the TC and TG and create a new TG using a different name, then create a TC using another name.

Place a call, and post the logs here.

Here’s the log:


Log lines show a call hitting your inbound route and then going to a ring group. Ring group extensions were rung, and the call was abandoned. There is no time condition used for the call flow at all.

Hmm. I really don’t know why this is. I have a time group I know to be working (because the BLF I’ve set up with it is changing at the correct times) and I have applied the Time Group to Time Condition.

I have my Time Condition match going to the Ring Group, non match going to Voicemail. I changed the match over to Inbound but it didn’t fix the problem.

I have not messed with Call Flow Control. Is this similar to Time Conditions but just always done manually?

Your inbound route goes to your Time Condition, which goes to your Ring Group?

Your logs say No, but your message says Yes.

That was it! I didn’t know I had to change the Inbound Route to the Time Condition.

Thank you so much for your help.

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