Time Condition destination set to "terminate" not working


I setup a time condition and the “Destination non-matches” I set to just terminate the call (tried both hangup and busy). However when the call gets routed there, the caller never hears a phone ring, nothing seems to ring on the PBX, and no “active calls” show asterisk info.

What I do see is a TON of “Active SIP Channel(s)” in the asterisk info Summary report (upwards to 20+). And in the Channels section I see under Chan_Sip Channel(s) all of those channels listed. All the Peer IP addresses are from my SIP Trunking providers 2 IP’s. User/ANR is the same number on each. Call ID shows multiple pairs of values. And the Peer is the same for each as well.

If I simply change the destination to a voicemail, IVR, queue, or anything else it works fine.

This is on a fully updated FreePBX 13 installation, running Asterisk 13.

Anyone have any insight to why this might be happening? Does this sound like a bug I should report?

What do the logs show? do you see the call come in and the TC being executed? From the caller’s perspective, I would not expect to hear anything. PBX answers, evaluates the TC and terminates the call. Sounds like it’s working as designed.

The call is never terminated…caller just keeps seeing “dialing”.
Also the “active SIP channels” are never released as long as the user doesn’t hang up the phone.
I don’t think this is expected behavior. If I go directly to terminated without the time condition the call is ended and this behavior is not seen.

Which log should I check for more detail? Asterisk logs?

Yes. I usually just go to the cli, asterisk -rvvvv

Make a call and see what pops up.