The UCP password reset link email template [Resolution]

I have seen a number of questions around this question, but I don’t see any resolution to the question in any prior posts. This is in regards to the email that is sent out when a user clicks “forgot password” in the UCP and the email that is generated. I wonder if this email template is available in the GUI in 16? In 13-15, you can only edit the initial email template. In my opinion, this generic email is not helpful because it does not include the password reset link. You can take the code from the password reset link below to improve the initial user setup link, just some thoughts.

So if you want to edit the template when a user clicks the password reset link in the UCP, here is the location of that email template:


and as for the subject line of the email, that was answered in this post:

I should note, you will receive a banner that the tpl template file has been altered, which is annoying. If the devs see fit, maybe they can add it to the gui so that we can adjust the text there, too.

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