UCP Password Reset email template

Where can I find the email template used in the UCP Password reset?
I’d like to modify the subject and some of the words in the body.

Additionally, I’ve seen a few community posts regarding the http address formatting using the :81 port, and I understand why this works for some and not for others (System Admin, HTTPS Setup). Are there ways to manually modify the URL format similar to how it’s done in User Management Email Settings?

you will find the template via the gui - Admin->User management->settings

The template used “via the gui - Admin->User management->settings” is not the same template used for password resets via the UCP page.
I wish it was.

The UCP Password reset email looks something like:
Subject : FreePBX password reset
Body: Hello ,

We have received new password request for your account (XXXXX).
If this request was initiated by you, please click on following link and change your password:

This request is valid until XX:XX:XX AM

The FreePBX Team

Guys, I have the same problem. Anyone knows where is the UCP password reset email template?



Edit this file /var/www/html/admin/modules/ucp/Ucp.class.php
and change this line from

return $this->Userman->sendEmail($user[‘id’],$this->brand . " password reset",$template);


return $this->Userman->sendEmail($user[‘id’], “PBX password reset”,$template);

not when system will send the password reset email the subject would be “PBX password reset” instead “Freepbx password reset”.

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