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Based on last month’s experience, I am thinking of putting together a “challenge” that involves registering a softphone and passing DTMF.

Never would I imagine that it would be THAT hard…lol



When time is of the essence, the simplest thing seems to take hours.


I certainly appreciate the input from you guys on that too! Then @Stewart1 pops his head in the office and says, “Guys! Guys! I’ve been listening to y’all long enough and you’re overthinking it. Just do it this way!”

I was so relieved!

Is the GraphQL API something we could talk about in this forum? People can talk about how they are using it or might use it to solve other people’s problems? Share some ideas for getting around current limitations. Having a way to automatically build a queue in FreePBX would be a big win for me personally.

Hi Im very interested in using Graphql as im working on a project that needs extensions created and changed from a customers CRM

I can creat and change in the graphql explorer, but need to mak an “api for the api” to integrate with the remote crm

Im struggling to find good PHP examples i have looked at GraphQL on FreePBX – Matt Brooks - YouTube but his curl example to get the token is failing with

OK found the working example in

sure ill be back with more questions :wink:


This month’s #OpenSourceLounge is on a different day and time. Enter Wednesday, August 10 at 2pm Eastern into your palm pilot.

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I just tried to charge my palm pilot and my computer reinstalled windows 98

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Did anyone capture the chat from the July OSL? someone pasted their iptables rules and I was going to look at modifing them for the built in custom rules.

But I apparently did not save the code on my laptop. I blame that it was too early in Japan and I only had half a cup of coffee…