The IVR of some phones systems doesn’t get DTMF tones from our system


When we call some companies with phone system using IVR, some time we got hard time to get our

DTMF tones recognized by their system. When this happen we need to call back often up to 10 times to get ours DTMF tones recognized.

Is this issue m may be from our side or it can be on the other parties side?



Try changing the dtmfmode to inband . If that works make an outbound route to so restrict calls to those numbers.

Hi dicko,

I try but unfortunately it doesn’t make any changes. Do I need to put this in the “Trunks” tab -> Sip Settings -> PEER Details ?


If you are using dahdi, then you can set dtmfduation on the trunk, if not then just try all the dtmfmode options

Also, I made some tests and from our analogs phones connected to the system through a Cisco SPA112, we didn’t get any issues. Only our Cisco SPA512G had that issue.

Is something to do also in the WebGUI of the SPA512G?



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