TFTPboot directory missung files?

I am working on provisioning a bunch of grand stream phones and was doing some troubleshooting. I enabled Verbose logging on the TFTP server and was watching the requests come in. It looks like the phone is looking for several files that don’t exist in the tftpboot directory.
For example it is looking for a cfg(macaddress).xml that doesn’t exist. as well as some other ones that don’t seem to be there like cfggxp2170.xml and a generic cfg.xml

What is supposed to be in the directory?
I have (mac).cfg and cfg(mac) with no extension I am not sure if it is missing something
I ask because the config is deploying but the BLF and Line appearances don’t show up. So I didn’t know if there was a different config file for those buttons.

This is common. Pretty much every phone requests more files than are strictly needed for provisioning. Assuming your phones are working, don’t lose sleep over this.

The only thing that makes me ponder on this is that the button configs don’t show up on the phone for what seems like a random amount of time. we had to let a bunch of them sit for the weekend and then all the sudden on the next reboot they were all there. with no change to the template or the phone its self.

Each of the phone manufacturers and even within manufacturers, there are different reload thresholds and different triggers for reloading. We saw something simillar to this about 5 months ago with two different Polycom models - one would only reload the config after a timer had expired and the other would on every reboot. Sounds like a similar “feature”.

All phones looks for a certain list of files in a certain order.
They do not need to all exist. Grandstream, Snom, Aastra, Yealink all do this.

Example, 3CX uses XML config files by defualt not the .cfg files that FreePBX does.

The phones look for both.

Interesting, I didn’t know that.

One thing that is interesting to note, When I am looking at the configs for an afflicted phone with Nano I can do a Ctrl + W and look for the speeddial config that is missing. In this case it is 4357 (for HELP) and it comes up as option #line 3 Value P1470.
Then I go to that same phone and web into it. Download the configuration of that phone, which downloads as a .txt And do a Ctrl + F and search for option P1470 and it doesn’t even exist! I don’t get it.

on a phone that has “applied” the config I can download device config and search for 4357 and it is there… I can see the phone requesting the cfgmacaddress file from the tftp server and it it says finished so I know the phone is downloading it… Maybe it just takes forever to process?

Is that cfg(macaddress) file the one that contains the SIP registration configuration too?

Looks like that was a firmware bug, I decided to add the firmware into the firmware management of EPM soon as the phones booted up they caught the new firmware and once they updated and rebooted all of the BLF’s all showed right up…

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