Text to Speech ( TTS ) not available - No AGI Script available?

Hi all,
I rechecking my whole config and seems that I missed some point almost at each step …
I want to use Text to speech ( TTS ) for IVR.
I updated module with the latest available and installed 2 TTS engine ( flite and google speech : ref here : TTS Engine Custom - Google Cloud Text To Speech - WaveNet and Standard )
When I go under application, text to speech, when I try to add a new text to speech item, in the configuraiton page, instead of having a list with the different TTS engines, I have " No AGI script found".
I tried to uninstall / reinstall TTS module, check permissions …etc…
I though about an issue of config but it is not ( cf my post here : [Closed ] Text to speech engine not available / due to lack of sound card?)

You need to create a custom engine:

Egine Name: Google
Engin Path: your path

I already created some items in the settings previously ( custom or basic )

that’s why I’m missing why I don’t have an engine to choose ?

click on the pencil on the googleTTS line and post a screen shot

@Dicko, my first goal is to have the default ones working ( such as flite as ex ) . I tried the google one in case of , for test …
so for ex , this is for flite :

Thanks !

What is in /usr/bin/flite ?

This field is where the likely the agi what was missing in your google version at the top was

The Text-To-Speech Engine is for locally installed TTS engines like Flite or Text2Wav or anything that would have to run locally on the system and playback on the fly. Google and AWS Polly require the files/data to be sent to them via an API and they return the recorded file.

Also, Flite and Text2Wav have AGI commands in most AGI script classes.

I’m not focused on google TTS.
the main issue is that I don’t have any AGI script available. Flite ( from my understanding, it is the default ) would be more than enough for what I need to do …

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