Test Zulu System

Hi there.

I have enabled a FreePBX Zulu 2-User 1-Year Free License on my portal for our in house test FreePBX deployment number.

I have the invoice and confirmation from Sangoma for the Free 12 Month Licence applied to the correct deployment number.

The problem I have, when I want to enable and program Zulu from the GUI, it says I still need to buy a 20 licence module.
I thought it would have already captured the Free 2 User 1 Year Free Licence ???

I have looked everywhere to get Zulu to enable without having to buy a 20 user licence, since we are only trying to test the Zulu deployment and features …

Any idea’s ??

Thanks Michael

Solved it …

For some reason the system lost its Activation and I have to re-activate again. This was easy using the current deployment. Once this was done, the Free Zulu Licence activated…

Thanks Michael.

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