Tell us how you use FreePBX to win against the competition! We’ll pay you $500!

FreePBX is a great business communications system. We’d like to know from you how you use it to win against competitors like Toshiba, NEC, Panasonic and Avaya IP office systems.

We are working to create some key selling feature information for all FreePBX resellers on how to position FreePBX against the big legacy competitors.

Comment in this thread on which manufactures you feel you can provide the most input on where FreePBX shines against them and a quick summary of your background with that manufacturer and how you position FreePBX to win. We will pick and announce here 1 partner for each manufacturer to hold a 1 hour over the phone interview and pay you $500.00 USD for your time

Hi Tony, we can help with Panasonic. Our Toshiba knowledge is out of date. There’s another vendor I can’t mention here :wink:

@atcom send me a PM on the other Vendor. Can you also give me a recap in couple paragraphs on how you position against Panasonic here as we are trying to get the conversation going in public to help spark ideas and flow of information.

Some of the strengths/weaknesses we see for Panasonic vs. FreePBX

Panasonic Strengths
• Dedicated line keys for POTS lines
• Low price, KSU + 5 phones & vmail can be installed for ~ $3000 CAD
• Free software upgrades (must rely on vendor for installation though)
• Good wireless phone integration, proprietary DECT cell stations
• Phones integrate well with the PBX, button programming, etc.
• Easy to define different ring tones for different lines or DNs
• Easy to setup Msg Waiting button for a different mailbox

Panasonic Weaknesses
• Poor documentation for installers, poor support for installers
• Phone models change rapidly, new phones don’t work with old software
• Poor flexibility when dealing with ring groups
• Tough to setup 2 auto attendants for 2 different analog lines
• Cumbersome to do follow-me
• IP phones cannot be configured via web page, don’t appear to have DHCP options for defining PBX IP
• Tough to troubleshoot SIP trunk issues - there’s nothing that compares to asterisk CLI “sip set debug on”
• Most phones require paper labels, button layout is confusing on the 5XX models
• Backups cannot be automated

This is what comes to mind so far!

This is great information.
I am hoping to get more feedback from others on other systems.

This is important for us to help you the community position FreePBX against the large vendors.

This is great information! Thanks a lot. This is great information to help us grow the base!