Telephone to use with Freepbx

Guys, does anyone have a suggestion on what phone works best with Freepbx?. Thanks in advance.

Its hard to answer that. It depends on what features you’re looking for.Personally I like Yealink t46s. but it does not come with built in bluetooth or wifi, but the Yealink t54w does.

Have you tried a Sangoma phone? They work best with FreePBX, by design.

Thanks. Does it require any configuration in Freepbx if not a Sangoma phone?. I don’t want to buy the wrong thing and find I can’t connect.

All phones will require some configuration.

As far as I know, both Digium and Sangoma were late into the phone instrument market, so Asterisk, and FreePBX will work, to some extent with almost any SIP or analogue phone (subject to Ethernet support for the the former and an FXS card or gateway for the latter.

Where the Sangoma phones may fit in is that they will have been designed with an awareness of how FreePBX handles things like busy lamp fields,

The only devices commonly reported as causing problems are Cisco’s re-flashed with SIP firmware.

As the first reply said, you really need to specify what features you need.

Sangoma S705 or Digium D65 are both going to be the easiest to configure. Endpoint Manager is free for Sangoma phones…you will need to buy commercial Endpoint manager license to use it with any other phone. You also get VPN with the Sangoma products out of the box as well.

For simplicity, buy Sangoma phones.

Our phones are strongly integrated with FreePBX, include provisioning and phone apps at no extra charge.


Most any open SIP phone will work with FreePBX (Asterisk), even free SIP softphones. For recommendations, it would be best to provide some details of the environment, i.e. is this a few devices for your home or are you deploying to a whole office? Do you need eth passthru and if so gigbit? Do you want built in VPN for remote deployment? Wireless handset? Budge? That type of thing.

For general compatibility and features, Sangoma phones are a solid choice, and also supports the company that supports the FreePBX project.

disclaimer: Sangoma employee

Lots of things can be a voip ‘phone’ some of those things can do a lot more than be just a voip ‘phone’ (just like your cell phone can)

Personally I like (and use)

It can be a voip phone wiith 16 registrations, Google PlayStore is trivial to install so it can do zoom/jitsi/sangomaMeet/GoogleMeet/Duo/telegram//whatsapp/whatevermessengeryoulike natively , It can play pandora/tunein/youtube streams , It can receive and send SMS messages over SIP, and you can drive /be driven by, any hdmi device if you need a conference phone or your laptop display dies. It integrates fine with any Home Automation systems, for the nerds among us, it works as both a client and a server for adb.

(Yeah, it’s just an android device with an excellent SIP client added, but the other phones proffered here are not, so can’t do much of the above :wink: )

Thanks guys .I have Freepbx installed on a Digitalocean droplet. I just need to make and receive calls, use call waiting, etc, etc. right now I’m forwarding calls to a landline but, I’d like to take advantage of some os the options. Can I use any sip phone with the droplet?.

Yes but we don’t know what you mean by “os options” all ‘options’ are rooted in your SIP stack and your chosen SIP client, not your OS

I’m sorry, it was a typo. I’d like to use the options from Freepbx.

Again we ask “what options” are you needing? (there are lots)

I didn’t know I had to to be specific about options in order to pick a phone. I’ll have to look at Freepbx and see what options I want. I guess these phones don’t work with all options…

Again, “what phones” most any competent SIP phone will ‘speak SIP’ at every level. “Guessing” will unlikely be useful to you.

Thank you for all your help. Obviously I have no clue about it. I’ll read about it to understand this.

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When you have a better handle on what your problems are, please come back.

Perfect. Thanks…

Hi, I’m looking at the Digium D70. Do I need to install any other equipment for this phone to work, or is it a plug and play?. Also what would be something comparable to this unit?. Thank you.

D70 is end of life. If you’re looking for a current DPMA phone, then you want either the D phones or P phones (not the A or S series):