Telekom Germany SIP Trunk SRV Records and pjsip

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Hello, there was an old thread bout this topic:

Now I need to pull this up again, as Telekom now has deleted its A-Record for so that the SRV frecords must be used. As I understand this old thread, I need to use one of the three names returned in the SRV lookup as the “SIP server” in the pjsip dialog and leave the port part empty? However, I always get
res_pjsip_outbound_registration.c: tk-XYXZ-0123456789: 403 Forbidden fatal response received from ‘’ on registration attempt to ‘’

Maybe I have not understood correctly why I need to setup an own zone for this. We are not using BIND, so I cannot apply this recipe directly. Am I righth that we need to tell the DNS server to always return the same SRV answer if a requst goes to "" and that I need to enter "" into the PJSIP dialog??