TAPI compliant soft phones for Windows and FreePBX

Can anyone here recommend a soft phone for Windows that will work with FreePBX and that also provides a tapi interface?

Our windows sales tool uses tapi to call clients. We currently use 3cx which has a nice soft phone but are moving to freepbx and we need to replace this feature.

Any suggestions?


Glad I could help.

3cx soft phone should work with FreePBX/Asterisk. Why not just keep using it?

Thing is, I’m not sure the license allows us to use it if we don’t have a licensed 3cx server running. It’s not available as a separate package.

Have you checked on this? You can go to the 3cx web site and download the free 3CX soft phone.


WOW! Cheers alan_mousty (tadpole).


Does the 3cx sip client provide a TAPI driver also or just the softphone?