Tampered Files

Hi! I am new at handling the FreePBX admin panel and all the modules. I was tasked to install chanspy then I got a bit lost in my installation. I modified the extensions.conf file. I then realized that it shouldn’t be tampered with so I removed what I edited. Unfortunately, that didn’t help in removing the warning. How can I remove the warning?

Also, what file should I edit for adding new contexts or stuff like that? Noob here. Please be nice. Thanks.


reinstall core

amportal a ma install core

I just did what you said. But the system warning regarding the altered file is still there. What should I do?

Guys, I really need help here. Please. I still can’t get rid of the system warning.

This is more detail than James led on.

amportal a ma download core
amportal a r

Thanks. I was able to remove the system warning now.

On another note, I’m still very new to this context configuration thing. Do you happen to have any link to tutorials on managing these things?

I was tasked to install chanspy, but I’m having trouble understanding the installation process. Thanks in advance.

Managing FreePBX? We have a whole wiki: http://wiki.freepbx.org

Besides that I’m not sure about chanspy. I know as much as you probably.