System won't play System Recordings

Brand new V14 distro. Uploaded wav file for recordings but they won’t play on the system. I can play them in the GUI and if I dial the feature code they play and I can change them. Any ideas?

[2020-09-29 10:08:16] WARNING[27241][C-0000002b] file.c: File does not exist in any format
[2020-09-29 10:08:16] WARNING[27241][C-0000002b] file.c: Unable to open (format (ulaw)): No such file or directory
[2020-09-29 10:08:16] WARNING[27241][C-0000002b] app_playback.c: Playback failed on SIP/cqsip-00000071 for ,noanswer

Check your IVR Record’s format type and permissions (asterisk:asterisk). Below command will fix all FreePBX files and folders permissions.

fwconsole chown

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