System update failure, RPM command errored

I was doing some FreePBX 16 distro updates this evening. Updated the modules first with no problem, then clicked to apply the system updates (17 or 18 in total), but I got an error.


Looking at other posts for how to fix this hasn’t helped -

I’ve deleted the contents of yumwrapper, and executed yum clean all, yum upgrade -y, yum reinstall kernel, but the Module Admin page is broken, leaving me somewhat stuck.

Can anyone suggest anything further I can try?
Thank you.

Log file that might be relevant:

Freepbxlogs.tgz (4.8 KB)

I’ve something similar with Centos for the moment. Cleaned yum etc but no result…will try it again this weekend

(2/2): sng-sng7php74/7-8.2003.5.el7.sangoma/x86_64/primary_db | 123 kB 00:00:00
No package asterisk18-18* available.
No package asterisk18-addons-18* available.
No package asterisk18-addons-bluetooth-18* available.
No package asterisk18-addons-core-18* available.
No package asterisk18-addons-mysql-18* available.

Issue found in my repos → yum.repos.d. Used a backup to restore this directory and ran yum clean all, yum update and asterisk-version-switch. Asterisk v18 up and running.

Hi Stassen, What issue did you find in repos?
I’ve got a second FPBX distro that I’m trying to build as an Advanced Recovery partner for the install that’s currently got Modules GUI problems, and this other distro install is doing just fine. So I checked files in etc/yum.repos.d and the files are identical to those in the broken build.

I had a look at the RPM-GPG-KEY-Sangoma-7 file mentioned in the repos and that’s the same across both installs too. See

What did you see that was broken in the repos?

In the screen shot at the top of the thread, I clicked the link to create a report to the PBX bug tracker.
Their response restated what the screen shot error messaging said (delete the contents of yumwrapper) which I’d already done, and I had mentioned above that I’d already done it.

However, I just followed their instruction just now and deleted the contents again (4 .log files), but this time I didn’t bother with the clean/upgrade/reinstall operations for yum. I checked back to the Module Admin page ------- and it’s working!

So I’m thinking that I read too much into the problem from other posts w.r.t yum, and carried out operations that interfered somehow.

Whatever the situation, and whatever the problem was, we’re back in Module business, which is great.


In my situation I saw a difference in repo’s between the 2 instances. I’m not aware that I manually changed something in that area, but because 1 instance could be upgraded, I used the repo definition as a basis for the instance with an issue

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I had the same issue right after updating from version 15 to 16 earlier today, deleting the /dev/shm/yumwrapper didn’t work, I did it and retried, but every time I got the same error. I even tried to delete, reboot and try again.
So I ended up using the terminal: I did a “yum update”, updated some packages and received a very interesting warning about old references (while I was upgrading I remember selecting an option to update the sources) so I decided to do “yum history new” to refresh references, and it did the trick for me, I hope it doesn’t break anything but so far it’s working and I don’t get the error while doing the update on the web anymore.

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