System resources best practices

I’m running fpbx in the cloud and have about 70 end points across about 10 sites, I’ve been loosely monitoring the memory consumption on my system as I may be pushing it a bit on the memory side of things (no reported issues by clients), but there’s times when I have 10 concurrent calls and memory consumption is as high as 81%.

What are the recommended percentages to not exceed for memory, network and cpu (and how do you read the cpu metric on dashboard, it says 1.9…is this really all the cpu % I’m using?)

FYI…I only have 1 cpu core and 2gb ram to the vm.

Also, is dashboard all you guys use to monitor your freepbxes and/or is there a better way? Especially as I grow and have multiple fpbxes to keep track of.


FreePBX has/had one (not sure). Check this out:


RMS never made it to stable version, and was completely pulled back.

Where are you looking at?


I’m looking at Freepbx dashboard for memory consumption.

Yeah, it’s a shame RMS is not around, it seems there’s a need for something like that. What are you using in place of it?

Expand the VM to something bigger.

Yeah, that’s always the long term solution, give it more resources, but I’m looking for something to actively monitor system resources.

I can always putty into the server and run the command: top

but it’s not really ideal for managing multiple servers and their resources. Perhaps I just need to put Nagios/zabbix on there…Idk are there any other solutions out there?

Nagios is very powerful, flexible and full featured for hardware, network and Asterisk monitoring.

Well I guess Nagios it is then, although I will test both Nagios & Zabbix, but it seems Nagios has a little bit more choices for Asterisk based systems.

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