System hangs after call received

So, i had a power outage, and the system came back up without any errors or warnings. Except that now, the whole thing shuts down after handling 1 call. no logs are generated, trunks unregister, phones unregister… I can pull up pages from the ui, but they are all cached and not fresh

run fsck, check the file system
run mysqlcheck , check the databases

and finally if you like, lay down asterisk all over again using asterisk-version-switch and choosing whatever version you like or the same one that was present initially

to rule out astdb corruption you could also shutdown asterisk and move the existing astdb somewhere temporarily then re-start asterisk; it will create a new astdb minus some stored states that you would need to initialize

if none of that resolves the issue use your backup and rebuild it with same major version ISO then restore backup

id run a full hardware test on the box before trusting it again and performing that re-install on the same hardware

good luck

Databases all report ok, but the only thing i get from fsck is /dev/sda1 is mounted then cannot continue and abort

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