System Admin module does not put HTTPS credentials in EPM config files

I have configured HTTPS authentication inside System Admin and configured our DHCP server to hand out the proper URL with credentials. The phones are able to pull down the config files but when they attempt to update firmware, they do not have the proper credentials. EPM is not getting them from System Admin so the phones are getting a 401 on the firmware updates. Manually modifying the config files fixes the issue but I’m wondering if this is expected behavior? I can’t see that it would be and everything I’ve read supports that opinion.

Thanks in advance.

Make/model of phone?

Sangoma S500 & S700 and Digium D62 & D65.

Really its about the content of the files. I will probably end up modifying the configuration files but it seems crazy to me that EPM isn’t putting the credentials in the config files its generating.

I don’t have a digium phone powered up at the moment, but I can say that provisioning and firmware URLs work as expected for S series phones over https. Make sure that EPM is fully up to date and if issue persists, open a phone support ticket and we can take a peek.

Thanks. Can you tell me which line in the S series phone config file should contain the username and password for the provisioning server? I believe it to be P1360 and P1361.

Yes, P1360 and P1361 are the http(s) creds for provisioning. But the URLs also contain the apache creds, so P192 should look like:


Neither place has the credentials. Without having support (paid plan), how can I open a ticket on this? My question would be is this a bug that should be reported? I suppose there could be some other switch somewhere thats causing these values not to be populated but I don’t know otherwise.

What version of Endpoint Manager are you using?

Okay we’re back where we started, open a phone support ticket.

Phone Support Department is free and does not require credits or support contracts.

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