Superfecta "Send to Url" not living up to it's name

I enabled the Send to Url function in Superfecta, but it does not actually call my URL. Should it really take .0005 seconds to run the call?

Here’s is my URL configuration:

I’ve tried tailing Asterisk logs, but nothing gets logged: tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full

Asterisk version 16.13.0
Here is my distro info:

NAME="Sangoma Linux"
VERSION="7 (Core)"
ID_LIKE="centos rhel fedora"
PRETTY_NAME="Sangoma Linux 7 (Core)"


When testing superfecta lookup sources, nothing touches Asterisk so no point in looking for logs there. There is a dropdown menu in the superfecta test for increasing debug output.

I just tested with a testing URL provided by[NUMBER]&CLID=[NAME]

it works as expected:


and the proof from …

Thanks for the quick response and for that verification.
I’ve set my logging up, but it seems that you are still getting more logging than I am:

Curls from my webserver work as expected. TCP watches on the server do not log any outgoing traffic.

Superfecta has two stages, in the first stage it polls all the sources to find a CID name. If (and only if) a name is found, it then polls all the sources for send-to actions. So the 0.0005 response time is for the first phase when there is no lookup to. After all sources have been polled and a name has been found, it does the “Executing Send to URL” again, this time to send data to the URL, which is where the additional output shows in the debug.

Thank you very much lorne. That was my problem. Non of the CID sources were returning data. Thanks for your help.

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