CID Superfecta send to url doesn't work all the time

Hello there,

I would like to call my API every time there is an inbound call so that I can save the phone numbers of people calling me in my DB.

In order to do that I’ve installed CID Superfecta and I’ve configured it.

The thing is, sometimes it will work and some other times it won’t. More precisely, once it starts working it will kept like so, and that’s what I want. But as soon as I reboot my freepbx/asterisk server, it won’t work anymore.

And past this point it’s russian roulet. I can’t figure out what I need to do in order to make it work again. Sometimes I try to disable and enable Superfecta again in my inbound route and after that it starts working again, some other times I play with the configuration settings and it starts again etc…
It bugs me to not understand what is the pattern to do to make it work again haha…

My API 100% works in Postman, it also works everytime with the Debug/Test run in FreePBX (from what I’ve read it always works in the debug tests for people but it never do in real conditions).

I saw this response from @Igaetz : Superfecta "Send to Url" not living up to it's name - #4 by lgaetz
But I’m not sure I quite understand what I’m suppose to do here.
There are two stages, the first one is to find a CID Name, if and only if one have been found it will then continue to stage two which is triggering the URL I gave earlier.

Since I don’t care about finding a CID Name and I just want to have the URL triggered, I’ve setup “Abandon Lookup” to directly start stage two (hope I’m not doing something wrong here).

But nothing changes. Sometimes it will start to work and when I since I’ve fixed the problem, I’m rebooting everything to test that and it stops working again.

If someone understands how the Send To URL functionnality works it would really help me…

Thanks guys!

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