Strange Pause Behavior In Queues

This is a PBXact deployment with Sangoma S500 phones. I added some extensions to a queue that have voicemail as part of their normal setup. I do not want the queue calls to go to the extension voicemail if they miss the call, I want it to stay in queue. There is a setting to allow this and it works. The extension misses the queue call, and the queue call does not go to the extension’s voicemail.

The problem is, after the extension is misses the call, they are moved to a paused state (as designed); however, the extension cannot be unpaused by the phone app or feature code.

The voice comes on to say “Agent Unpaused”, the hint light turns green, the open line closes. 5 seconds later, the phone moves back into pause without any interaction. This causes queue calls to not ring to any phone in the pool. I can only unpause the extensions by removing them from the queue via the command line.

Once I remove the extensions with voicemail from the queue, the queue behaves as expected with the extensions without voicemail.

This is making me think it has something to do with voicemail on the extensions. Is anyone having a similar issue with dynamic extensions in queue that have extension specific voicemail?

As a PBXact user open a ticket at and reference this issue:
[FREEPBX-20255] Queue agent cannot Unpause after Autopause if a Caller is waiting in Queue - Sangoma Issue Tracker

my last reply to that thread my provide some insight.

It worked in my experiment. but probably not the best way to handle it.

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Thanks for this but it looks like the ticket was closed without being to replicate the issue. I will try Jared’s approach and see what happens.

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