Storage space is getting high on the following drives of your system: /dev/mapper/SangomaVG-root is 75% full

I’m getting hourly email about disk usage. I can’t find any /dev/mapper/SangomaVG-root on disk.

System Admin Storage reports
Software Mirror Raid
sda OK
sdb OK
/ 3%
/boot 30%

Any idea ? Where should I look to cleanup if there is a real issue ? Or is it a bug?


/etc/schmooze/pbx-version 10.13.66-21

No one ?
I still have not found what is wrong. :confused:

Your disk are getting full. You have something using alot of space up or very small disk

Right. It was a FreePBX 14 test machine. and not the production. Not having indication of the server in the mail alert made it harder for me to understand.

The 75% drives me a little nutz too !! Be nice if it was a menu item somewhere so I could up it to 85% or something.
On my system this occurs when the log files or backups get out of control. Have a look and clean out

Some more permanent fixes:

You can specify to store less backups in the freepbx settings. You can also specify the size of max size of log files and the number you want to keep as part of log file rotation (I do this using the webmin interface).

Otherwise the brutal way if you are desperate for peace could be to just delete your email out of the freepbx system admin /storage notifications box. Serenity now !! :slight_smile: (I think you get them as part of root emails too though)