SSL from Network Solutions

Hey guys,

I am working on generating an SSL from Network Solutions who own our domains. Our distro is hosted with Vitelity. In addition to a CSR they are asking for Hosted Webserver Software. There is no option for CentOS, and the closest thing I see is Linux/Redhat. They have a dropdown of choices with one choice being Other.

Has anyone ran into a similar SSL application process?

CentOS and RHEL are essentially the same thing, so that setting should be fine, though I have no personal experience.

However, unless you want Extended Validation, I see no reason not to use LetsEncrypt. It’s free, automatic and (once set up), self-renewing.


I have debated about using LetsEncrypt for a while. My only concern was any potential downtime if there is an issue with self-renewal.

Is that typically not an issue, or one of a very rare occurrence?

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