SRTP via in SDP ? Freepbx 14

In Freepbx 12 and 13 when configuring extension there was an option available called
"media encryption" with choices “none”, “SRTP via in SDP” or “DTLS-SRTP”.

Freepbx 14 has re-worked interface and I’m not seeing this option anymore. Instead there is a section called DTLS. Does it mean SRTP via in SDP cannot be used? The issue is that I have one remote extension using it (on iPhone) and I’m not able currently to modify the setup on the phone, hence I’m limited to configuring Freepbx to match the existing extension setup.

The “Media Encryption” options are the same in 13 and 14. Are you perhaps confusing chan_sip to pjsip? The encryption options presented differ depending on the type of extension.

Yes ok, that’s it. Thanks.

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