Speed Up SPA3102

I purchased a Cisco SPA3102 a few months ago to address a problem I was having with a ringdown line going off hook and activating even though no one called it.

The SPA has solved that problem, but unfortunately, it now takes 20-30 seconds for a call to make it’s way from the SPA to the user’s phones.

We have two old call announcers that ring in the building when this line is activated, so there are some grumbles that you have to listen to the call announcers for so long. I’m hesitant to remove them because of the fact they are connected to an outside public use emergency phone.

One day, this will all be replaced by fiber optics, but until then, any suggestions on how I could speed up the call processing?

The SPA transfers the call to a ring group. All PJSIP. The two devices are on the same switch. The router is about 20 feet away. I’ve considered running dedicated cables directly to the router. Or is there something I can buy that would make the caller think the phone is ringing but it not actually ring until 20 seconds have passed.

Your issue is definitely not related to cable length or cable connection method. The SPA has a setting that defines how many rings it will wait before passing the call to the VoIP destination, and if I remember correctly, it is set to 4 rings by default. Your investigation should start there.

First, the Dial Plan chosen by your PSTN Caller Default DP parameter should be:
(Replace 333 with the number of your Ring Group.)

If no luck, have a look at these settings from my 3102:

This device is connected to a cable VoIP box, so I have PSTN Answer Delay set to 4, to allow the caller ID to be read. Your ringdown system probably doesn’t have such; you can try setting it to 1 (or 0, if permitted).

Also, if you need disconnect detection from the ringdown end and it does not provide CPC but does provide a disconnect tone, set Disconnect Tone to match whatever it puts out (mine is for Thailand and probably not correct for your country).

If you still have trouble, please post:
Make/model of all relevant equipment, how connected.
Screenshots of all relevant SPA3102 configuration pages (in Advanced mode).
Screenshot of SPA3102 Info page; refresh page about 5 seconds before ring group extensions start to ring.


Thank you for your help. I reviewed my settings and my PTSN Answer Delay is set to 16.

My next shift is Thursday, so I will try lowering the delay to 0 or 1 since there is no caller ID or anything else on the line.

Thank you again. I set the Answer Delay to 1 instead of 16 and the wall announcer rings, then the phones ring, no more waiting.

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