Spectrum voice modem with 4 Lines to FreePBX to VOIP phones, Possible?

Hi all,
I am very new to this community and absolutely love the info and knowledge that is openly shared here. I am also new to FreePBX, although I did successfully setup a full working system using VoicePulse as hosted service and it worked nicely. I did this a few years ago with lots of reading on this forum and Crosstalk solutions videos on Youttube.

I would like advise and assistance with a new Challenge.
I have a Spectrum Voice modem with 4 lines.
I have a PC which has a fresh install of FreePBX.
Is there a way to connect the 4 Lines and use that as trunk(s) for the FreePBX system?
I think a analog card will need to be purchased, but I am very illiterate when it comes to that aspect of it.

My questions are, is this possible. If so, what do I need. And has this been done before?
If so, what are the configuration settings in the Trunk setup of FreePBX, inbound settings and outbound setting?

Thank you in advance.

An analog card with 4 FXO ports is one possibility; see

However, this solution is not compatible with most virtualization platforms, small form-factor PCs and cloud hosted systems.

Or, get a gateway with 4 FXO ports such as

Or, convert your voice service to SIP:

Or, unless you are locked into a long contract with Spectrum, consider porting to an independent SIP trunking provider (IMO there are much better choices than VoicePulse).

Hi Stewart1,
Thank you for your quick response and helpful info. What do you recommend as an alternative to VoicePulse?
I am checking with Spectrum about trunking options.

Thank you

For metered service where you pay by the minute (like VoicePulse), see the current discussion

For unmetered where you pay by the channel (like the Spectrum service you have now), I recommend

Some providers offer service where you get ‘unlimited’ incoming on a small number of channels, but pay by the minute for outgoing (calls do not count against incoming channels). IMO Anveo is a good value in this category, provided that you don’t need more than 3 or 4 concurrent incoming calls.

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