Specific extension announcement


We are looking to have some trial customer support on our phone line. However, I’d like the user to be aware that they have been connected to a trainee.

Therefore, I’d like to see if there was a way to have a per extension announcement to achieve this?

For example, extension 1 is a fully qualified agent, with no announcement played. But then extension 2 is a trainee agent who needs to have an announcement played to the caller before they are connected.

We operate with queues per department. So the calls will go in a route like this.
Caller calls number -> IVR (select department) -> Queue for the department > Connected to a agent.


Discussed before, while you could do pretty much anything in Asterisk if you are willing to code, it is not something you could do in the module.

Perhaps you could have a trainee queue and a expert queue, do something (custom dialplan) that evaluates the two queues data before sending to queue (which queue has the longest available agent, etc.). Once your evaluation decides on which queue to send the call to, the call routes. Then you could have a trainee join message on the trainee queue. Not exactly what you are asking for, but just a thought.

FMFM has the ability to play a recording to the caller before it rings the user’s extension. If calling from a queue, if you have the ‘call as dialed’ option, then the queue call will use the extensions FMFM.

Thanks guy! I’ll have a look into the options

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