SPA942s not getting provisioned

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I was given some SPA942s and I want to connect them to my FreePBX. They are Admin password protected and no one knows the password.
Using Endpoint Manager I assign them to an extension but nothing happens. I updated to latest firmware in Endpoint Manager and saved and deployed. Phones seem to ignore this.
However the phones are trying to connect to my FreePBX because I spoofed the original sipaddress in config. Found this using WireShark. Obviously the registration fails as the user and pass do not exist.
So, what can I do so the SPAs read the config file with the mac address from the HTTP provisioning?
I’m hoping the Admins password gets reset to 222222.
BTW, one of the phones did not have an Admin password and I was able to configure through the phones webpage but not with Endpoint Manager.
Any help is appreciated…
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If the admin password is unknown to you, you won’t be able to provision them if they already had a provisioning server configured.

You can take a look at the following link in order to “cheat” the phone into believing it is downloading the original config file. It is a complicated process but doable, nothing impossible.

Thanks. But one of them has no password and still doesn’t get provisioned by Endpoint Manager.

The one without password should be easily restored to factory default.

IMO you should work on unlocking first. If you end up with only one usable phone, EPM has no real benefit and you should just configure it from the web interface.

It is. But why doesn’t it get provisioned by Endpoint Manager? I see the spa cfg file with Mac Address in my server but the phone doesn’t seem to retrieve it.

You need to investigate a little more than this…
Depending on how you configured the phone, you need to check the logs for the server that is supposed to be giving the file to the phone, either the TFTP server or the HTTP server. If the log doesn’t show any line regarding the phone trying to fetch the config file, you probably have an error in the provisioning related parameters on the phone, or maybe the phone has been banned due to multiple errors. In any case you need to do a little more troubleshooting from your side.

Thanks Again. I will investigate further and post results.

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