SPA3102 PoE


Random question. Has anyone tried using a POE splitter to power a SPA3102? I’m looking at ways to clean up our server room, and since we have limited space, I have seen some POE splitters on Amazon that offer barrel power connectors.

On one hand, it’s one more part to fail, on the other, I could mount the units on the wall and get rid of the power supplies.

Specifically with the SPA3102? No, but I use the PoE splitters everywhere I can.

OBi202s, Slingboxes, MoCA adapters, cable modems, DSL Modems, Raspberry PIs, PAP2, PAP2T, have some SRP521s I have been testing this past week with them. I ordered a bunch of the 5 volt and 12 volt ones, been working well for two years now.

I started using the splitters for a couple reasons… Less power plugs, less cabling, easier UPS (only have to put my switches on UPS, don’t have to worry about the individual devices.

It isn’t another part to fail… You are removing the power supply and replacing it with the splitter. Same amount of parts.

Just wanted to post some findings:

This PoE adapter worked with the 3102:

This one did NOT (can only do 1amp):

The PoE adapter must be able to supply 2amps at 5volts to the 3102.

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