SPA112 No ringing when making outgoing calls but connects

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Ok, I will do a capture right now using my s705 to my cell and upload that…

I am running a Ubiquiti Security Gateway Pro (latest firmware) directly connected to the ONT and yes, SIP ALG is off…


When I called, Anveo rejected the call (they don’t say why) but there was a ~0.7 s delay, so I suspect it was rejected by Bandwidth. The PBX failed over to Flowroute trunk and (likely after a failover I can’t see) sent the call via AT&T, who sent both a 183 and a 180 with proper ring tone. I hung up before answer. So, there is not much info there. Sorry.

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Im confused on what you were talking about. I was on a business call and did you call from CO?? I hit dismiss on the call…


I’m physically in California but called from a 775 Reno, NV number which is my primary location.

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SSSOOOO, i just noticed something. I do not get a ringback when calling my cell from my office phone s705 as well…Just like the analog phone…

but, if i call a different number (not my cell) it does ring no problem…Soooo… i grabbed the analog phone and called my office line and i DO get ringing waiting for someone to answer the call…

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Ok, here is a link to the new capture file calling my cell from my office phone (no ringback) then calling my analog handset DID from my office phone and getting ringback… Then, calling my office line with my analog handset and also getting ringback… But no ringback when calling my cell from either my IP phone or analog SPA phone…


S**t. This whole thread was based on the premise that the ATA and IP phones behaved differently, but that turned out not to be the case.

Possibly, this problem is related to the T-Mobile / Sprint merger.

I would open a ticket with SIPStation and with luck, they will either get Bandwidth to fix the trouble or route Sprint calls via another carrier. You now have lots of data to show exactly what is going on. However, it may be useful to determine whether the trouble affects all Sprint calls, only calls to Downington rate center, or just your phone, so you can describe the scope of the problem more accurately.

Keep us posted. If you you don’t get satisfaction from the SIPStation folks, someone here who has a direct account with Bandwidth could test and report the trouble if they also see it.

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SSOOOO…now that we have narrowed this down to my cell phone (Spring/T-mobile) I called someone I know has sprint in another state. SAME ISSUE!! I called them from my office IP s705, said connecting…then they just started talking…