SPA112 No ringing when making outgoing calls but connects

I am using a SPA112 with my FreePBX system to utilize analog cordless Panasonic handsets. The SPA112 is working just fine with FreePBX as in it receives and makes calls as designed.

I have one weird issue Im sure is a setting but cannot figure out how to fix it. When I place a call from the cordless phone that is connected to the CISCO SPA112, I get a dialtone, I dial the number then its just dead air, no ringing sound, then the person Im calling picks up. I thought initially outgoing calling wasnt working because I didnt hear any ringing on my end when placing a call and was hanging up too fast. They did receive the call and answer, I just dont ever hear a ringing in my phone after dialing the number.

Any ideas on why I cannot hear ringing when making outgoing calls with this CISCO SPA112 FXS???

Are you using Chan_SIP or Chan_PJSIP? If the latter, are you using Direct Media?

Im using Chan_PJSIP and DirectMedia is enabled.

Nobody has any suggestions or ran into this problem before??

Has it been 6 days already? Wow…what a week I’ve had.

Anywho, have you tried turning Direct Media off?

Yes, I did turn direct media off and still when I call out, no ringing on my end but the person then answers.

There’s an option in the PBX that generates local ring on outgoing calls. Seems to me it’s ‘little r’.


Any idea where that option is? Thanks

Outbound Trunk Dial Options

I get local ringing for outgoing calls on all my IP phones (Sangoma s705’s). This only happens on the CISCO SPA112 connected analog phone (Panasonic cordless handset). Is there possibly a setting in the SPA112 thats causing this or needs to be changed?

Try changing ‘Sticky 183’ in the SPA.

If no luck, at the Asterisk command prompt, type
pjsip set logger on
make a test call, paste the Asterisk log for the call at and post the link here.

I forgot to mention: If you don’t hear ringing when calling another extension, use that for your test call, as it is a much simpler case.

Yea that didnt work. If I call an internal extension from this SPA112 connected analog phone I do get ringback. Its only dead air no ringback then the person picks up 8-10sec later when dialing an outside DID. Again, this only happens from the SPA112 connected analog cordless handsets. No issues with all my IP s705’s.

Sorry how do I copy the log… I am running Asterisk command prompt SSH into freepbx using Putty… I have pjsip logger running and i made calls. How are you exporting the log or where from? Or are you simply compy and pasting the screen? Sorry never did this before

The raw log file is /var/log/asterisk/full and you can copy it to your PC with psftp (part of putty), WinSCP, etc. Or, access it from the GUI at Reports -> Asterisk Logfiles.

Thanks, I know how to FTP into my box. Ill do that and upload.

Alright, here is the Full log uploaded as requested, and at the bottom is when I made the call from the SPA112 (Analog Panasonic ) Ext106 that does complete the outgoing call but no ringback on my end when calling out…

So the PBX did send a clean (AFAICT) 183 Session Progress to the SPA. The next questions are:
Did the associated RTP get sent and received?
Did it contain ringing tone?
Was the SPA for some reason unable to play it?

I believe that the SPA Voice -> Info page has counters for RTP packets and bytes sent and received. Try viewing and refreshing it while the called phone is ringing and report whether RTP is coming in.

Also, you can run tcpdump on the PBX to capture traffic, copy the capture file to your PC, open it in Wireshark and look at (and listen to) the RTP being sent to the SPA.

Alright I logged into the SPA and went to Voice>Info as suggested. I placed a call to my cell phone with the SPA connected analog wireless handset. Watching the RTP Packets Sent and Recv…they both increase while my analog phone is dead air but my cell phone is ringing… So yes, RTP packets are being sent and received while Im making a call.

Use tcpdump / Wireshark (or other capture tools) to save and listen to the RTP being sent during ringing.

If it sounds ok, the problem is with the SPA (does it have current firmware?) or with the attached phone (do you have a single line corded phone to try?).

If the RTP is silent, check the RTP sent from the trunk to the PBX.