Sound problem over freepbx

Hi all,
I am using Redhat Sangoma Linux release 7.4.1712 (Core), FreePBX version: (14.0.11).
The problem is that on random calls after about 4,5 minutes in call, speech starts to make starnge noises for about seconds.
Topology: Endpoint>>CUCM>>Freepbx>>CISCO Cube>>Provider
When i make call without PBX in path everything works fine.
Direct media is not allowed, system resources are fine.
Can somebody help?

You probably need to tell us a lot more about this part.

To translate:
CUCM = Cisco Unified Communications Manager
CUBE = Cisco Unified Border Element

That said… @gugliko91, are you attempting to use any jitter buffers ANYWHERE in the call path (Endpoint, CUCM, CUBE, or FPBX )? Given the number of hops necessary to traverse across these appliances, a jitter buffer setup at ANY of them will pretty much guarantee a timing slip issue at some point during the call, which will cause the momentary garble you are hearing while the jitter buffer is forced to discard a bunch of packets for being too late to the party. Its attempts to “smooth over” that transition can cause the strange noises.

It could be something else entirely, but if you do have a jitter buffer setup somewhere, this would be a good place to start.


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