Some Work from home IP phones dont register

Hi everyone, Im having some issues with my free pbx since the pandemic started we send IP phone to some employee for work from home program… I have some random issue registering some phones I wont register unless you have to disable my IPTables. (Im using travelinman) Their NAT IP is registered on the whitelist including all ports.

@wardmundy (IIRC) was the expert on travelinman. If he’s around, maybe he can ask some questions to help you find your problem.

We have found that an increasing number of home ISPs filter or block the standard SIP/PJSIP port 5060. Perhaps you could try switching your SIP/PJSIP signaling port to something like 65060. We generally prefer that, as it is also less likely to get poked at by rogue actors trying to get into your PBX. You can still force your Trunks to use port 5060 by specifying the port parameter in your trunk config.

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I’ve been having some issues with this as well. So in this case, you are saying you can leave your trunk at 5060, but change the SIP port in FreePBX SIP SETTINGS to something else? As well as each extension’s port as well? (an in the phone’s configuration file as well)?

Hmmmm, yes, but no.

Each end of a SIP ‘path’ set its own port number, so if your ITSP wanted to use port 12345 instead of 5060, they would tell you to use a SIP Address of “” at their end. Similarly, if you set your PJSIP Address to 65060, everyone that wants to talk to your PBX would have to send traffic to “”. There’s only one address:port per end, and within a specific channel driver, there can only be one.

So, when you set up your ITSP account, you’d tell them your port is 65060. You’d set up your phones to talk to the same port. This port will be consistent for “inbound” traffic, and your “outbound” traffic can go anywhere your other correspondents want it to go.

So, yeah, you can set it in the SIP settings to be something else and that doesn’t effect the people that you send traffic to, but no, if you change the port, everything that wants to talk to that channel driver will need to talk to that port.

Im I doing it correctly ? port is the same on the Sip settings on the IP phone as well ?\

This looks like Trunk settings, which don’t connect to phones. Your extensions will connect directly to the Channel Driver, and you set that address in the Advanced Settings -> SIP Settings page. IIRC, this is the trunk settings for your trunk to your ITSP, and the 65060 there (I think) is the port you are using to connect to your trunks.

Also, NEVER set an inbound trunk to “from-internal”. It makes it so that anyone that can get a connection to your system can call out using your trunk. That would be bad - the context there should be “from-trunk” or one of that family of inbound contexts.

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