Some queue static agents randomly don't ring

Hello all,

One of my customers is a call center. For their inbound calls they use a queue with static agents.
Some config settings:

  1. The ring strategy is ‘ringall’
  2. all agents have penalty 0
  3. Skip Busy Agents is ‘no’
  4. Agent timeout restart is ‘yes’

The problem: When inbound calls arrive, at random some agents don’t ring, while others do.
The ones that don’t ring are always the same.
I have ruled out network issues, Asterisk is not reporting any problems regarding client not available. Also ping is steady.

The FreePBX box also has fop2 installed. The FOP2 interface shows the extensions that randomly don’t ring as available. When the devices are skipped, FOP2 also shows they don’t ring. So that is consistent and also seems to rule out client side issues.

Can some shed some light on this situation?
Thanks in advance!

You have not provided any version information, config information or logs. How can we possibly help you.


Asterisk version: 11.7.0
FreePBX version:

Logfiles seem to be irrelevant at this point, they don’t show anything special. No issues there.

the configuration:

Trunk --> inbound route --> queue. Nothing special.

Are there any special parameters you would like to know?

Good luck solving this without providing any logs.

I am more then happy providing logs, but as we all know asterisk creates massive amounts of logging.
That could turn out to be a search for a needle in a haystack.

Also logging information contains information I don’t want to reveal. Such as who is calling who.

Could you be more specific what logging information you’re interested in?

The logs from Asterisk while this happens would be needed so someone can assist if seeing if they see the needle in that haystack

The first thing to look for is if all the phones are being sent calls from the queue. Since the ring strategy is ‘ringall’ one of the first things to check if all the agents are being requested to ring.

Thanks for your continued support!
Before diving into the logfile, we did a cross check yesterday by using another end point (Grandstream instead of 3CX.) All with the same result.
Now I will try to find out which log file entries are involved in instructing a endpoint device to ring.
I have asked the costumer to provide me with the exact time when the problem occures.

Hello all,

I did some testing with my own system, which is running fine. Here is some log information from my own system when I call a queue.
My question: are these the correct logging lines about Asterisk initiating a call to an endpoint en instruct it to ring? If so, I know where to look for in my customer’s system.

– Called SIP/18
    – Connected line update to Local/18@from-queue-00000042;2 prevented.
    – Executing [s@macro-vm:2] Set(“Local/19@from-queue-0000003f;2”, “VMGAIN=”) in new stack
    – Executing [s@macro-vm:3] Macro(“Local/19@from-queue-0000003f;2”, “blkvm-check,”) in new stack
    – Local/18@from-queue-00000042;1 is ringing

en some lines later:
– Nobody picked up in 0 ms
    – SIP/18-00000069 is ringing
    – Local/18@from-queue-00000042;1 is ringing