[SOLVED] Solution for Yealink W60B and W56H (and similar)

I have seen some posts with people having issues integrating the Yealink portable handsets with FreePBX.
Please find attached detailed pdf on how this can be done. It took me some time to figure it out and I thought it might be worthwhile sharing with the community.
Configure_Yealink_W60B_controller.tgz (1.0 MB)

Please let me know if you have any problems with the notes.

I’d suggest signing a code donation letter with Sangoma and asking them in a Feature Request to put it up on the Wiki. Just a suggestion.

I just set up a brand new w60b/w56h today, and EPM worked fine for me. Took like 3min.

  1. Created new template in EPM and selected w60b in ‘available phones’ section
  2. Created new extension
  3. EPM’s Network Scan tool found the base. Selected the new ext, new temp, and used
    w60b as model.
  4. As I don’t use dhcp option 66, I manually entered provisioning info into base and rebooted.
  5. Upon reboot handset provisioned and verified ext working as expected.

It doesn’t appear the EPM will support configuring multiple handsets on the base. So additional handsets/accounts will have to entered into the base manually. But we still get the functionality of the EPM template updating all the handsets once entered.

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