[SOLVED] Question About MOH Per Extension

Hi All!

LOVE the new layout… now only if we could get the FPBX website to look like this :wink: I kid, I kid! So, I was playing around and wanted to find out if it’s possible to assign a MOH class to an extension. For example, I am using an annoucement to play a simple message, and then transfer to an extension. However, I don’t want there to be any ringing, but the MOH class that I have created. Also, I don’t want to use a ring group or IVR for only 1 extension. Would there be a way to work this out?

Thanks in advance!

It’s changing eventually

You should be able to do what you want when you define the MOH class within that extension, however when ringing extensions I believe it will still ring as that is hard coded. You will have to see what works and what doesn’t

Thank you!

Edit /etc/asterisk/sip_custom_post.conf


388 is the extension.
“LNG” is the name of my On Hold Music category.

Works like a charm for me.