[SOLVED] OSS EndPoint and vlan

Dear All,

I have searched and I did not found anything matching what I can use to fix my issue.

so here it is.

  1. I am new to FreePBX
  2. I am Using FreePBX distro downloaded and installed two days ago (19.05.2015)(I have used FreePBX on ubuntu earlier…)
  3. Installed Oss End point manager - Working

So issue is End Point manager is configuratin phones in vlan 100 and I need them to be in vlan 500. On old Asterisk setup (asterisk 1.6) I had xml scrypt that is enabling option 66 and for voice using vlan 500 and for data vlan 100

conf file is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


<firmware_status perm="">http://XXXXXXX.customers.XXXXX.com/300/firmware.xml</firmware_status>

<provisioning_order perm="">dhcp:stop redirection:stop pnp:stop tr69:stop</provisioning_order>

<user_host idx="1" perm="RW">XXXpbx.customers.XXXXX.com</user_host>

<language perm="">English</language>
<web_language perm="">English</web_language>

<timezone perm="">GER+1</timezone>
<tone_scheme perm="">NLD</tone_scheme>
<date_us_format perm="">off</date_us_format>
<time_24_format perm="">on</time_24_format>
<ntp_server perm="">XXXXXXpbx.customers.XXXXXX.com</ntp_server>
<update_policy perm="">auto_update</update_policy>
<display_method perm="">display_name_number</display_method>
<pnp_config perm="">off</pnp_config>

<vlan perm="">500 5</vlan>
<vlan_id perm="">500</vlan_id>
<vlan_qos perm="">5</vlan_qos>
<vlan_port_tagging perm="">on</vlan_port_tagging>
<vlan_pc_id perm="">100</vlan_pc_id>
<vlan_pc_priority perm="">0</vlan_pc_priority>

<call_waiting perm="">ringer</call_waiting>

<http_user perm="">Admin</http_user>
<http_pass perm="">Admin</http_pass>
<admin_mode_password perm="">1234</admin_mode_password>
<admin_mode_password_confirm perm="">1234</admin_mode_password_confirm>
<admin_mode perm="">true</admin_mode>
<use_hidden_tags perm="">on</use_hidden_tags>

<codec_tos perm="">184</codec_tos>
<signaling_tos perm="">96</signaling_tos>

<auto_dial perm="">5</auto_dial>

<vol_handset_mic perm="">6</vol_handset_mic>

<block_url_dialing perm="">on</block_url_dialing>
<ip_frag_enable perm="">on</ip_frag_enable>

<ldap_server perm="">addressbook.XXXXXX.com</ldap_server>
<ldap_base perm="">dc=XXXX,dc=XXX</ldap_base>
<ldap_search_filter perm="">(|(cn=%)(sn=%)(givenName=%))</ldap_search_filter>
<ldap_number_filter perm="">(|(telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%)(extension=%))</ldap_number_filter>
<ldap_name_attributes perm="">cn sn givenName</ldap_name_attributes>
<ldap_number_attributes perm="">mobile telephoneNumber extension</ldap_number_attributes>
<ldap_display_name perm="">%givenName %sn</ldap_display_name>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


So. How to enable option 66 so my phones can go to vlan500?

I have snom phones 300,320,715 and 821

I solve this, thank you!


It is a helpful practice to also post your solution when you solve your own problem. This will help other users searching for the same answer who come across your thread.

Can you please do this?


Yes of curse I just did not have time at the moment so I just posted that I solved issue.

With OSS end point manage all setup for phones you can find in connectivity and than you have 4 options of oss end point manager, for vlan setup you must create your own template for phone provisioning and you can do that in oss end point template manager.

So you go to OSS End Point template manager and you add your template and that edit model-mac.xml and you edit this lines

<time_24_format perm="R">{$time_24_format}</time_24_format>
        <vlan perm="R">{$vlan_id} {$vlan_qos}</vlan>
        <vlan_id perm="R">{$vlan_id}</vlan_id>
        <vlan_qos perm="R">{$vlan_qos}</vlan_qos> 

for your needs.

Mine looks like this:

<vlan perm="">500 5</vlan>
<vlan_id perm="">500</vlan_id>
<vlan_qos perm="">5</vlan_qos>
<vlan_port_tagging perm="">on</vlan_port_tagging>
<vlan_pc_id perm="">100</vlan_pc_id>
<vlan_pc_priority perm="">0</vlan_pc_priority>

My setup is to let phones go to vlan500 and on another lan port of phone to have vlan100

I must say that Wayne Collins give me lot of help for this, he show me the way I need to follow so thanls Wayne!

Snom 300 and 320 tested and working, only first time they go to vlan 100 and than I need to re-build them from epm they reboot and than go to vlan500

I still have issue with snom 715…

Thanks @RadomirI! Maybe somebody can help with your snom715 issue; I sadly have no knowledge here :frowning: