[Solved ] IVR linked to an SIP extension

I think I went to quick on my different configurations… so I’m restarting from scratch to identify the issue.
Goal is just now to hear the announcement and press 1 to hang up.

My config is SIP only ( no connection to any type of phone provider/network ).
I have 1 extension ( 5555 ) , which works. ( registration and sound ok )
I followed the steps from https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/IVR+Module+User+Guide but I guess I’m missing something.
I created an announcement, uploaded it and created one IVR with it.
I created a virtual extension for my IVR ( 560 ).
I created an inbound route with 560 for the DID , left everything by default and asked for redirection to IVR.
is there a trick or something I’m missing ?
When 5555 calls 560, nothing happens
Thanks !

Delete Virtual Extension 560. Add a Misc Application with Feature Code 560 and Destination (your IVR).


I have seen a tutorial with this , but under my application, menu, I don’t have a misc application item.
Checked in the module, nothing to download or update :frowning:

I don’t understand what you mean. In Admin -> Module Admin, do Check Online and you should see Misc Applications under Applications. If not, confirm that you have (at least) Standard and Extended repositories enabled.

OK, I understand the issue.
I was in Admin -> Module Admin, but without the extended repository checked. so I did not have misc application available for install.
did it, configure as you said and it worked straight forward
Thanks ! merci !

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