[SOLVED] Extension to time condition

Hi all!
I have an extension (for ex. 200), I need that when calling to the extension (for ex. 201) the caller gets the time condition.
I’m doing this for the push-to-call button and I need to go to IVR in works hours, and to an announcement at night.
I don’t want to direct the extension directly to the queue.
How can i do this?

I got an idea! I share it.
I have created a virtual extension. Then in the advanced settings, I selected the Time condition for Not Reachable.
Now I can route calls from this extension anywhere :slight_smile:

Your method works fine, but a simpler way to do this is with a Misc Application.

It depends on how you would like to have it.
My idea would be, to direct the 200 inbound route to the time condition. The time condition should have time-groups where you defined your working hours.
So, during working hours the time condition forwards the call to ext 200, else to the announcement you have recorded.
But anyway, you also may realize something similar via the extension itself and optional destination of the respective extension

Oh my god, that’s even easier! Thanks for the advice!
I learn every time on this forum and never stop doing it.

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