SOLUTION: FreePBX GUI error, fwconsole error with out of disk space error



  • FreePBX GUI does not display correctly, shows php script code
  • fwconsole crashes at the command line with an error pointing to line 153 of utility_functions.php out of disk space, fwconsole wouldn’t stop or start FreePBX


  • Deleted log files in /var/log/asterisk relating to FreePBX and asterisk and all old files then fwconsole worked and the FreePBX GUI worked.

NOTE: I had increased the VM disk by 15 GB and it did not fix the problem and out of disk space error.

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I had discovered the same thing when the GUI wouldn’t respond, just happened again yesterday.

There are a lot of other older log files that can be deleted also.

When I increased the disk size (it is a virtual machine), it doesn’t necessarily increase the partition sizes. I believe that /var partition is running out of space due to the large log file sizes. Using the df command will show the size of the partitions. Will follow-up this afternoon when I get a chance.

Here’s a forum link that discusses running out of disk space, resizing the disk and partitions and rotating the log files.

And here’s the wiki info on how to rotate the log files:

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