Software to send fax

I have FreePBX running on Asterisk 13.18.3.
I can receive fax via the built-in standard fax capability of the FreePBX.
I am looking for a software running on my PC to send fax.
For example, MicroSIP allows me to connect with my FreePBX server to make call.
Is there similar software to MicroSIP that allow me to connect with my FreePBX and send fax?

Note: My VoIP provider does support T38 for me to send outbound fax.

Many thanks.

You would have to look at Zulu to see if the desk client can do this, otherwise there isnt so ething for this. At least that I am aware of.

With FaxPro, you can send faxes through UCP.

Yes Zulu can send and receives faxes when paired with Fax Pro in FreePBX and is included with PBXact free of charge both Fax Pro and Zulu

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What @tonyclewis said.

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I am looking for a free-ware client that can utilize the existing investment to send fax.

There isnt one.

Some people had luck using Hylafax, I never personally used it or know how it works, but google is your friend.

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After some investigation, this is not what I’m looking for.
It require Hylafax server component which has to be loaded onto a Linux machine. Then a separate client is required to feed the fax data into the hylafax server…

There is no free-ware option for this. I can keep saying it but there just isn’t.

I know you mentioned that Hylafax isn’t what you’re looking for… but I would urge you to take another look.

  1. I have Hylafax server set up on my PBX, with 8 IAX Virtual modems.
  2. My PC’s use the Winprint Hylafax Gui, which works as a virtual printer. Anything that can be printed, can be faxed. They literally hit “Print” like they normally would, and choose Hylafax… they are then prompted for the fax number and off it goes.
  3. The users can chain multiple pages together into a single fax, there is an “address book”, they get confirmation emails if it did or didn’t send.

It’s realy an amazing solution.


Thanks @gbaughma for shedding some light on this.
Apparently there will have to be added component(s) on my existing FreePBX server before it can handle sending fax regardless.

If you only have a couple users that need to send faxes from the desktop you can just get faxmodems for their machines, and run the phone lines from those to a single TA then sip that to your FreePBX server. Then use the fax software in windows.

OK its a hack but the man said free!!!

That could be a way to go for others.
However, this won’t work for us.

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