Software RAID issues, only 2 of 3 partitions, and drives do not look correct in SYSADMIN

I built a box using the latest distro I had in late 2022. Its currently running FreePBX Its an HP microserver with 2 256GB SSD drives in a RAID 1 software array as done by the installer. Last week, one of the drives was showing “fault”, so I replaced the drive. i followed the instructions here:
I noticed that in that DOC, it continually referenced 3 partitions, which my one good drive does have, however, only 2 of them are in the array to be mirrored. i also noticed that the way it looks in SYSTEM ADMIN is a "bug’ that was identified here many years ago in 2017 - with no reply or fix - here

I did install the new drive, change it to GPT, although after I added them to the mirror, now they say DOS, build the identical partitions, and add the 2 partitions that are in the mirror to SDB and they successfully mirrored up. But, i dont think its correct. I dont think the first partition is correct, nor does it appear as SDA and SDB in system admin… What do I need to do to fix this? i assume I need to:

  1. add the first partition (sda1?) to the array (and it would then be MD2???) then add SDB1? How do i do that? (sorry for the newb Q - dont want to break it)
  2. Ive read about having to setup GRUB so that second drive is truly a replica and could boot if needed. How do I do that safely?
  3. is there anything else that looks out of whack here that I need to fix to make this right?


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